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timber wooded double gated frontage on driveway




Our timber entrance gates are our most popular type of entrance gate. There are many different styles to suit any design or requirement. No matter what the surroundings or the driveway width, Jackons will be able to supply a gate to suit your driveway or entrance. Explore our range by clicking shop now below. 

Simple Yet Stylish Field Gates


Right-Handed And Left-Handed Gates

We offer both right-handed and left-handed field gates for you to use on your property. No matter if you’re right or left-handed, you’ll find a gate ideal for you.

Long Lasting

Our Highgrove field gates are pressured treated. Thanks to this pressure treatment they will remain strong for years to come and outperform their untreated relatives in terms both strength and resilience.

Treated field gates are protected from the elements. The pressure treatment provides protection from whatever the elements throw at it, come rain, wind or hail your gate will stand tall and strong.

Ideal For Driveways 
Many people think that this style of gate is simply reserved as a field gate. However, these styles of gates can be used for a variety of uses. Their high strength and robust nature makes them ideal for use as a driveway gate.

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